Upgrade Old Exposed Concrete Driveway with the Wizcrete Magic Resurfacing Touch!


A homeowner recently sought to enhance the curb appeal of their residence by upgrading and repairing their aging concrete driveway.

Spanning approximately 154 square meters, the driveway was in need of significant preparation due to numerous cracks and damaged expansion joints after 16 years of service.

Our team at Wizcrete Concrete meticulously selected a stencil pattern and colour scheme that not only addressed the client's needs but also delighted them with the outcome.

The homeowner recognized the importance of an inviting entrance, acknowledging its contribution to increasing their property's value.

The entire resurfacing project was executed with precision over the course of roughly six days, resulting in yet another successful transformation in Sydney's North Shore.

This meticulous work underscores our commitment to revitalizing homes with expertly crafted concrete solutions.