Complete Driveway Renovation with Wizcrete Concrete


A homeowner sought to transform their stenciled concrete driveway, moving away from an outdated terracotta brick pattern to a sophisticated large tile diamond effect in a contemporary French grey hue.

Wizcrete, renowned for their expertise in concrete resurfacing, embarked on the project with efficiency, beginning with a meticulous grind of the existing surface.

The team's dedication to preparation was evident as they meticulously repaired cracks and tended to expansion joints, ensuring a flawless foundation for the new resurfacing process.

Spanning approximately 145 square meters, the driveway required the application of two top coat colours followed by a non-slip sealer to ensure both beauty and safety.

Upon completion, the customer was overjoyed with the transformation. The driveway's upgrade not only revitalized the home's exterior but also proved to be a wise investment that significantly enhanced the property's value.

This successful project on Sydney's North Shore is yet another testament to Wizcrete's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.