Here’s A List of Some 21 Things That Can Go Wrong Engaging an Unlicenced Concrete Contractor:

Here’s A List of Some 21 Things That Can Go Wrong Engaging an Unlicenced Concrete Contractor for your new driveway

  1. Poor quality workmanship and substandard materials being used. 
  2. Work not being completed within agreed timelines or delays in delivery of work. 
  3. Unforeseen additional costs and charges being incurred beyond the estimated price. 
  4. Disputes and conflicts arise between the consumer and the contractor. 
  5. Lack of proper communication between the consumer and the contractor. 
  6. Project not meeting the standards or specifications expected by the consumer. 
  7. Issues with building regulation compliance due to improper installation. 
  8. Insufficient support in case something goes wrong during or after the project. 
  9. No warranty or guarantee on the work done. 
  10. No recourse for damaged or lost property or other liability issues that may arise. 
  11. No legal or regulatory backing to hold the contractor accountable, in case of non-compliance with the contract. 
  12. Potentially being liable for injuries, accidents, or damages related to the building project. 
  13. Unforeseen damage to the property or surroundings due to improper installation or work. 
  14. Reduced property value due to poor quality work or lack of proper permits. 
  15. Breach of contract, which can lead to legal and financial issues for the consumer. 
  16. Subcontracting the work to unlicensed and unqualified third-party contractors. 
  17. Using substandard materials instead of the agreed-upon materials. 
  18. Delay in obtaining necessary permits and approvals, causing legal issues for the homeowner. 
  19. Fines and penalties from authorities for non-compliance with relevant regulations. 
  20. Safety risks due to lack of proper construction and installation. 
  21. Difficulty in selling the property in the future due to unlicensed work and potential building faults. 


You see, the downside is a big deal so it's essential to engage the services only of licensed contractors and have a written works contract in place to avoid these issues. 

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With a clear outline of the work to be done, costs, timelines, and warranties, homeowners can ensure that their building project is completed to a high standard, is compliant with regulations, and is safe and secure for all concerned.