Bunnings Store Gordon – Concrete Floor Repair

Bunnings Store in Gordon required repairs to the concrete at the receiving bay at the rear of the store.

Wizcrete Concrete were given 2 hours only to prepare the damaged concrete sections and repair the concrete as Bunnings did not want to close off the total area for repairs.

The damaged concrete created a trip hazard for customer entry to the rear entrance creating a work safety issue for the company.

Wizcrete successfully removed the damaged concrete areas and applied our special flexible product to fill the damage areas. 

The repair product is an innovative solution to permanently repair and quickly return-to-service important infrastructure like roadways, airports, and facilities. It is a unique polymer repair system that bonds tenaciously to surfaces and remains flexible throughout its service life.

The product is  a significant leap forward in technology from antiquated cementitious or “powder” type repair materials that are non-flexible, require water, and are labor intensive to install.

The best part of the project for the customer .. a completed job the area was reopened and heavy duty machinery and laden trucks were able to drive over our repairs within 25 minutes. 

The customer was amazed and very happy. Another Wizcrete Concrete successful project