Concrete Resurfacing Driveway for Commercial Development in Greenwich NSW


Wizcrete Concrete began by conducting a high-pressure and acid wash of the existing concrete surface. We took great care to protect the surrounding areas during this process. Following this, we applied the necessary base coats before proceeding with two coats of top colour and sealer.

We ensured that the slip rating was no less than P5, providing a safe and durable surface for all users. As part of our commitment to quality, Wizcrete also provided a four-year warranty on the work, subject to specific maintenance provisions.

The client chose a shale grey colour for the driveway – a choice we believe perfectly complements their property. 

We are pleased to report that we completed the works within the stipulated timeframe. The clients expressed their satisfaction with both the quality of our work and our professional approach.

This project is yet another successful venture by Wizcrete Concrete Solutions in resurfacing large commercial developments.

This particular project took place in Greenwich, on Sydney's North Shore. We look forward to continuing to provide top-quality concrete solutions for all our clients.