Update a Tired Old Concrete Driveway with Stencil Concrete Resurfacing

The homeowner was growing weary of their old exposed aggregate concrete driveway. 

Over time, it had become slippery and its appearance detracted from the otherwise beautiful landscape of their home in Gordon, NSW.

Wizcrete Concrete was contracted to resurface the 420m2 driveway and pathways. The task involved applying an attractive stencil with colour tones that would complement the property. 

There were also several concrete cracks and old expansion joints that needed attention.

To smooth out the roughness of the exposed aggregate, Wizcrete applied two coats of base before adding two coats of the top colour and stencil. This process not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal but also ensured anti-slip properties for both vehicular and foot traffic. The transformation was remarkable.

The homeowner was amazed at how much the resurfaced concrete driveway and entryway enhanced their property's overall appearance. 

They were confident that this upgrade added value to their property. The homeowner expressed delight with their decision to invest in a concrete driveway resurfacing by Wizcrete Concrete.